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Prism Sound

Prism Sound
The company was originally founded in 1987 as Prism Sound Ltd, the brainchild of two engineers, Graham Boswell and Ian Dennis. They had first met when working on the ground-breaking DSP program at world-renowned audio mixing desk manufacturer Rupert Neve & Company in Cambridge, England. In its early years, Prism Sound became an acclaimed Research & Development consultancy, specialising in digital audio applications.Over the next four years Prism Sound grew rapidly and, by 1991, had grown from two engineers to a team of twelve. The Prism Sound had also grown from an initial business start up to a respected brand, known for performance, quality and reliability. One of the first major projects that Prism Sound undertook at this time was the development of a large commentary and communications switching matrix commissioned by the BBC for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. This product subsequently became an important market leader in broadcast talkback audio switching.1992 saw the arrival of Prism Media Products Ltd, a company set up to develop, market and sell Prism Sound branded professional audio products. The aim was to apply the bespoke engineering capability of the company to develop a catalogue of high-end audio products. The catalogue began with studio grade analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters, which immediately received global acclaim for their audio transparency.Prism Media Products soon recognised, with encouragement from major broadcast organizations, that their uncompromising quality standards would naturally lead to the development of audio test and measurement instruments. The resulting DSA-1 digital audio transmission analyzer has since become a worldwide industry standard in broadcasting and recording studios.There followed the dScope Series III comprehensive audio measurement system exploiting not only Prism Sound’s instrument-standard conversion and DSP hardware and software, but also the processing resources of the associated PC. Further expansion of the Test and Measurement product range has continued with the release of a range of dS-NET peripherals and the AutoTestSQL automated test and data logging application. The accurate measurement of today’s digital amplifiers is a particular strength of the dScope Series III system. The company’s consultancy background enables Prism Media Products to offer an unrivalled responsiveness to customer needs and a cost-effective bespoke engineering service, providing hardware and software solutions to customer-specific audio test requirements.The Prism Sound Group’s creative application of its digital audio processing capability also led to the development of the TRANSERV multi-channel voice recording and transcription system. This has diverse applications from call centres, conference facilities and law courts to military, security, broadcast and government legislative assemblies. TRANSERV systems are now in service with many international facilities, Government departments and Defence operations.The following table is a summary of the Prism Sound Group product ranges:Test and Measurement:dScope Series III precision dual domain (analogue & digital) audio analyzer / test system.dS-NET digitally controlled Test & Measurement auxiliary equipment.DSA-1 hand-held AES/EBU transmission analyzerAutoTestSQL production test automation and logging system.Recording and Production:Ultra-high resolution A/D and D/A converters, including the ADA-8XR modular multi-channel unit, the Orpheus 8 channel FireWire converter, and the 2-channel AD-2 andDA-2 converters.Analogue signal processors, including the Maselec MEA-2 Stereo Equalizer, MLA-2 Stereo Compressor and the MMA-4XR 4-channel microphone pre-amplifier.Logging and Transcription:TRANSERV multi-channel networked digital audio and data recorders for monitoring, logging and transcription applications.Rapid growth in US sales resulted in the founding in 1995 of Prism Media Products Inc, the US branch of Prism Media Products Ltd. The introduction of a US office was seen as a major step forward in the expansion of the Prism Sound brand. Its continued effectiveness can be seen today with a dealer network which stretches the length and breadth of North America.In 2008 Prism Sound added the SADiE range of digital audio workstations to its product portfolio and continued to improve and develop the range, culminating in the release of the acclaimed SADiE 6 in 2010. Today, in addition to its comprehensive catalogue of products, Prism Sound still continues to provide R&D consultancy to outside clients whilst investing heavily in new technologies and new products. Continued investment in the future ensures that the Company will continue to grow, whilst staying at the forefront of technology.The excellence and value of Prism Sound Group products and services has always appealed to the major names in the industry. Recent customers have included: Philips, Sony, Toshiba, AKM, Harman, Abbey Road Studios, Metropolis Studios, DTS, Jim Henson Co, Walt Disney, London Metropolitan Police, US Department of Justice, BBC, NHK, Sting, AMS-Neve, Solid State Logic, CBS, ABC.... the list goes on.

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