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The AEA RPQ2 Ribbon Preamp is a two-channel, high-impedance mic preamp with curve EQ specifically designed for ribbon microphones.

The AEA RPQ2 provides up 81dB of gain and an input impedance of 63kOhms to deliver the precision, headroom required for high-resolution recordings.  This new iteration of the RPQ preamp now sees the inclusion of Direct inputs at the front as well as inserts for patching external processors such as a compressor between the preamp and the CurveShaper EQ section. The included EQ offers switchable and tunable low-frequency and high-frequency controls designed to minimise the proximity effect of a ribbon as well as adding a nice sheen on the top end.

Although designed primarily for ribbon microphones, the RPQ2 also works wonders with condenser microphones when looking for a pristine signal path.

AEA RPQ Ribbon Mic Preamp Main Features:

    • Two channels with 81dB of sweet and quiet JFET gain
    • NoLoad™ 63k ohm high-impedance circuitry
    • High-resolution, high-impedance front-panel 1/4? DIs
    • Mic/Line mode with Post-Mic and Pre-EQ
  • Inserts for alternative and convenient routeing options


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