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Rupert Neve Designs 5025 Dual Shelford Mic Pre

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ПроизводительRupert Neve Designs
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The Rupert Neve Designs 5025 Dual Shelford Mic Pre is a limited edition two-channel version of Rupert Neve Design’s flagship mic preamp.

The Rupert Neve Designs 5025 offers the sonic excellence heard in the 5052 Mic preamp and EQ and Shelford Channel in a single rack space powered by an internal power supply.

Transformer Gain Mic Preamp

Like many of Rupert Neve’s preamp design, the 5025 includes a custom step-up transformer to provide the initial 15dB of gain and is integrated in a Class A circuitry to create the unmistakable larger than life sound with beautiful midrange emphasis. The step-up input transformer adds subtle non-linear harmonic enhancement with increased lows and a little high-frequency sweetness.

The preamp design not only recreates classic designs but extends on their possibilities by combining vintage technology with wide-bandwidth frequency response and outstanding amplification performance at all gain settings all with extremely low noise operation. The result is a flat response from below 10Hz to 60kHz for a truly pristine sound.

Silk and Texture

The 5025 includes Rupert Neve’s renowned Silk and Texture circuit that provides a way to fine-tune the amount and colour of the harmonic content up to 10x the amount of colouration of vintage modules. The Silk offers a choice of two colours. The Silk Red adds harmonic to the high and high mid frequencies, adding sparkle and sheen, ideal for vocals, pianos, snare. On the other hand, the Silk Blue enhances the lows and low-mids, thickening the overall sound, great for bass instruments, guitars, male vocals and more.

Dual Output Topology

The 5025 comes with two outputs topology, two Main outputs operating at +26dBu and -6dB outputs operating at +20dBu allowing engineers and producers to drive the preamp to saturate the transformer without clipping converters or other devices with less headroom.

The Main outputs deliver a cleaner sound at high levels without any colouration of the output stage. The -6dB outputs allow to fully drive the transformers and harness the nonlinear colourations without clipping additional interfaces.


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