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ACL - Sinfonion

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The Sinonion is an amazing harmonic CV processor developed by Mathias Kettner.

Based on the STM32F446 MCU processor running at 180 MHz, it delivers a lot of processing power maintaining quantization times below 1ms. The 8 D/A and 16 A/D converters are highly accurate and ensure low jitter.

The module provides three independent quantizer channels, a four-note chord generator, an arpeggiator and a complex progression sequencer in one.

Scale notes can be easily defined for each section independently using the buttons on the frontpanel (Root, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th). In addition, each quantizer channel provides individual functions like A/B and slew on channel 1, five different Fills on channel 2 and an EQ-Dist function on channel 3.

The arpeggiator section provides the same scale note selection as the other sections. Additionally it features knobs for pitch and range, and buttons for selecting one of the eight available patterns (Up, Down, Up/Down, Down/Up, Baroque, Octaves, Brownian, Random).

The Chord Generator section generates four pitch CV for controlling a four-voiced chord. Thanks to dedicated knobs for pitch and spread, buttons for chord inversion and optional slew, you can programm a chord in a breeze.

Thanks to the Chord Progression Sequencer it is possible to control all the sections, and to sequence chord voisings, octave switchs and scale note selections. Create up to 16 songs with 4 parts each and 32 steps per part. On each step you can programm a chord change.

Additionally, the module features two CV inputs and two gate inputs for controlling assignable functions.

Furthermore, multiple Sinfonions can be connected thanks to Harmonic Link, to create a „super Sinfonion“.

The power consumption of the Sinfonion module depends on its settings and how many LED?s are lighting at the same time.

The maximal current consumption is:
  • on the -12V rail ca. 4mA and
  • on the +12V rail ca. 156 mA max.
  • at Boot ca. 160mA max.


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