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WMD Legion

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WMD Legion is a flexible and stable analog oscillator with various special twists under the hood.

One of the last three modules that WMD will release. Legion is a modern analog oscillator with a wide range of application options. Its built-in digital calibration provides super-accurate tuning that can be altered thru coarse or fine-tuning controls and features a lock-mode against unintentionally changing of the pitch in a performance situation. An Octave selector allows for quick switching between registers.

The oscillator offers a Thru-Zero FM option whose intensity is adjustable via a built-in attenuator. A logarithmic FM input (including attenuator) is available as an additional harmonic companion and provides simultaneous "wafting" and traditional FM effects as well as softer FM sounds in no time.

Besides the traditional waveforms, Legion is inspired by the sawtooth in the legendary Roland Alpha Juno and creates a so-called "window", i.e. harmonics by a negative square pulse in the amplitude of the sawtooth. If you change the "window size" via pulse width modulation using an external CV source (e.g. LFO) you literally bring the sound to life. Another highlight of the oscillator section is Swarm: a supersaw sound that can be accessed and enjoys vivid animation with the Detune control or Timbre switch. The whole thing is rounded off by a sub-oscillator (sawtooth, triangle, square and PWM), which also provides Thru-Zero-FM capability.


  • Analog circuit with Thru-Zero
  • Sub-oscillator with sawtooth, triangle, square with PWM and Thru-Zero
  • Swarm oscillator
  • Tuning lock
  • Alpha-Juno inspired sawtooth waveform
  • Limited to 600 pieces


Размер и вес товара

Длина: 50.0000CM
Ширина: 20.0000CM
Высота: 40.0000CM
Вес: 8.0000KG
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