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4MS Dual EnvVCA

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Essentially two EnvVCA modules combined, the Dual EnvVCA from 4MS features the same analog looping envelopes and VCAs...but it adds a few extra tricks as well. Each channel has two Rise/Fall sliders with three-way range switches for lighting fast (12ms) shapes to glacial (20 minute!) modulations and anywhere in between. Each envelope has a single CV input for the rise and fall time, but each parameter has its own attenuverter, allowing for highly customizable modulation. Furthermore, each channel has an added pair of Level and Offset knobs to fine tune the amount of modulation, and the VCA input is normalled to the envelope output—meaning you don't necessarily need to use a patch cable to couple the VCAs to the envelopes. Of course, a VCA CV input is included as well, making it easy to override this default connection.

An analog OR logic section is now present, which combines the peaks of both channels for added modulation complexity. Just like the smaller EnvVCA, the VCAs are DC-coupled, making them well-suited for both audio and CV signals. A Follow input lets you do slew limiting and ASR envelope shapes, or to create complex filtering effects. All in all, the Dual EnvVCA from 4MS is a superb addition to any rack looking for a ton of features in a smaller space.

Dual EnvVCA Features
  • Dual analog Envelope/LFO with built-in VCA
  • Rise/Fall sliders
  • 3-Way range select switch goes from 12ms to 20 minutes
  • Linear envelope shapes
  • CV control for Rise/Fall
  • Trigger jack for envelope
  • Cycle toggle gate input shared between both envelopes
  • Follow jack for slew-limiting, ASR EG functionality, and esoteric filtering effects
  • End of Rise and End of Fall gate outputs for each envelope, respectively
  • Two DC-coupled VCAs
  • Dedicated Level and Offset knobs for each channel
  • VCA CV Input normalled to the internal envelope output...but can be overriden with VCA CV inputs
  • Shared Cycle gate input
  • Analog OR output combines peaks of both channels


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Длина: 50.0000CM
Ширина: 20.0000CM
Высота: 40.0000CM
Вес: 8.0000KG
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